“Do you take my insurance?”

My practice is fee-for-service, which means patients pay me directly for the cost of their appointment. I choose not to be on insurance plans. However, your insurance might reimburse you for the visit, anyway.

1) Check your insurance provider for what they'll pay you for "out-of-network" psychiatric reimbursement for an evaluation, called “90792.”

2) For follow-up visits, Insurance requires two codes. For the longer appointments most patients have with me, you file both “99213 E/M” and “90833 add-on” codes, so ask what your coverage reimburses you for that.

Please ask my receptionist for a receipt to submit to insurance when you seek reimbursement.

Many of my patients have insurance but choose to see me even though I'm not on their plan. Why would they do that?

  • They get some reimbursement from insurance, as described above.
  • Some patients have a large deductible that they won't meet each year, so putting up with insurance hassles doesn't offer a cost advantage.
  • They prefer a doctor who tries hard to see them on time, and not make them feel rushed.
  • Many patients don't want their insurance company to access their personal, psychiatric record or to have their treatment later cause problems as a "pre-existing" condition.
  • While there are great psychiatrists in Houston who take insurance, some of them are not booking new patients. Some require long waits for a first appointment, use non-physicians to treat patients, or keep you waiting long after your appointment time.

I understand that despite the good reasons listed above, some patients have no financial choice but to use a doctor on their plan. Still, it is important for patients to know the advantages of choosing my practice, even when they have insurance they can use elsewhere.