Click the links below to get a PDF of any form.

Office forms
I keep these forms short and simple. Who enjoys filling out long forms at the doctor’s office?

  • Registration form: You are welcome to download this registration form, fill it out, and bring it in for your first visit. You can also get the form when you check in at my office.
  • Release of information: If you want me to communicate with another clinician, please fill this out and fax it to me (or to the other clinician).

Patient homework
  • Mood chart: Track mood swings, mania, irritability, anger, and depression each day on this easy-to-use table. Bring this chart when you come in for your appointment.
  • Relaxation techniques: to practice a few times a day before you need them. Muscle relaxation and deep breathing.
  • Sleep hygiene: Easy to try techniques to improve sleep and break insomnia.
  • Dysfunctional thought record: for cognitive behavioral therapy. Also known as DTR for CBT! Handy, one-page form to use with techniques such as those taught by Beck or Burns.
  • Worksheet: Fill out before an appointment, especially for therapy sessions, to maximize your time.
  • Worksheet: Fill out after an appointment.